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Earth School

Please use this resource, Earth School.

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Always a learning curve

Our work to bring water to Nkiito continues, helped in no small part to our volunteer Tina! I’m pulling in knowledge from all corners of the globe, from water engineers in Texas (EWB) to Tesla Powerwall in California to…

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Extending a productive day

1 year ago, AVIF sent 8x Pro 300 solar lamps to Hamza. We knew Hamza from a previous volunteering project. Hamza was able to set up a small business buying and selling these solar lamps from SunKing, part of…

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Almost there!!!!

Fantastic news, out of the blue. Since writing in February, I just heard from our amazing volunteers that they’ve almost managed to raise all the funds needed to put the XPRIZE-winning adiabatic water unit into Nkiito. The main adiabatic…

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Out of thin air

The UK just witnessed the hottest February day on record. We hit over 20C, in Wales, even before the solstice. I’m sat in my garden thinking up this post right now, soaking up the sun that barely gets over…

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Informal settlements

It is sooo exciting writing this from Stellenbosch, South Africa. I’m here for the 2nd Deep Indaba, the brainchild of many including Shakir Mohamed (DeepMind), Moustapha Cisse (Facebook) and others. The atmosphere is incredible, the venue, fantastic. I feel…

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