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Deep Indaba – “the story”

Most of you may know that my life pivoted to artificial intelligence about 6 years ago. Since then I’ve been anxiously waiting to find a synergy between my passion for Africa and for technology. Its finally here! The AI…

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I wrote about “AI Crossover” some months ago after reading Jeff Clune’s paper. Since then we’ve had the Second Frontier Development Lab with NASA & the SETI Institute, which included Adam Cobb, a PhD student in Machine Learning at the…

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Storms, rain & drought

While UK is getting “weather-bombed” by storms, the drought affecting Kenya is now severe. I know because my maasai friends have asked for help. Image by World Economic Forum They are strong, so strong but they cannot make it…

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A Piano in the Amazon

I first met Carla Ruaro at Nidderdale High School in 2006, where she had traveled to run a music workshop and concert with the Harrogate International Festival’s “Live Music Now”. My son took part, receiving tuition from The Trio…

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Saving Samantha

I just wanted to write to Thank every single one of you who donated on the Justgiving site to help Samantha through her surgeries. That one site has raised over £3,200 so far, that will go towards the costs…

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Ecuador Youth Orchestra

Ecuador is an amazing country located on the Equator  at 0° in South America. It is known as “the middle of the world” with incredible biodiversity, from the Amazon region, the Andes, to the Galapagos Islands and much more….

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