AVIF is an innovative online charity, assisting with sustainable development via online & onsite volunteering in rural Kenya, East Africa. We work with partner communities in the Brazilian Amazon, Greenland and Tibet too. Being virtual means negligible administration costs for worldwide impact. We believe in efficiency, honesty and transparency. WE DON'T CHARGE FEES.

".. Kenya was my first step in changing my life this is why I cherish this experience so much, as it gave me self confidence and made me know I can do anything and go anywhere and make a difference" Ingie, 2011


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Written by Alison Lowndes. Posted in Program Details

International teachers volunteer their time, pay their own costs and can, if they wish, fundraise to help supply items they feel are needed. We advise you settle into your community first and decide yourself what is really needed. Teaching English is only one aspect of our work. Volunteers are fully immersed into the community to gain a perspective of life and culture. All consequent projects, highlighted by our volunteers, are aimed at sustainable development for the entire community. 

AVIF and onsite Volunteers can offer a range of simple but effective concepts such as small business, renewable energy, disease prevention, empowerment to women. 




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