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Ecuador Youth Orchestra

Ecuador is an amazing country located on the Equator  at 0° in South America. It is known as “the middle of the world” with incredible biodiversity, from the Amazon region, the Andes, to the Galapagos Islands and much more….

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AI Crossover

Finally some connection between AVIF, AI and my position within NVIDIA. Just published is our blog on using deep learning techniques to help in the Serengeti. Of course this can port over to any national park and wildlife sanctuary…

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WASH in Kibera

My good friend, Liz, runs the non-profit Sadili Oval Sports Academy, a safe haven on the edge of Kibera, Africa’s largest and poorest slum. Sadili is a Kiswahili term, meaning “well-being”. Liz’s blogpost is here and I’ve highlighted a few points. Several…

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Code Clubs in Kenya

Back in 2015 I wrote this post (below). Since then we’ve had a rollercoaster ending in the loss of our amazing Irene RIP, just over a year ago.  I live & work with tech and this is so important: I…

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Organic Chocolate from the Amazon

Crave, Buy, Support:  via the global Generosity site fundraiser or the Brazilian-only Kickstarter   Combu Island is in the equatorial rainforest of the Amazon. Here they speak the beautiful language of Portugese, which should not stop you from watching the…

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Many Thanks

Big shout out to for our wonderful new-look WordPress site.  

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