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Informal settlements

It is sooo exciting writing this from Stellenbosch, South Africa. I’m here for the 2nd Deep Indaba, the brainchild of many including Shakir Mohamed (DeepMind), Moustapha Cisse (Facebook) and others. The atmosphere is incredible, the venue, fantastic. I feel…

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Deep Indaba – “the story”

Most of you may know that my life pivoted to artificial intelligence about 6 years ago. Since then I’ve been anxiously waiting to find a synergy between my passion for Africa and for technology. Its finally here! The AI…

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I wrote about “AI Crossover” some months ago after reading Jeff Clune’s paper. Since then we’ve had the Second Frontier Development Lab with NASA & the SETI Institute, which included Adam Cobb, a PhD student in Machine Learning at the…

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Storms, rain & drought

While UK is getting “weather-bombed” by storms, the drought affecting Kenya is now severe. I know because my maasai friends have asked for help. Image by World Economic Forum They are strong, so strong but they cannot make it…

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A Piano in the Amazon

I first met Carla Ruaro at Nidderdale High School in 2006, where she had traveled to run a music workshop and concert with the Harrogate International Festival’s “Live Music Now”. My son took part, receiving tuition from The Trio…

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Saving Samantha

I just wanted to write to Thank every single one of you who donated on the Justgiving site to help Samantha through her surgeries. That one site has raised over £3,200 so far, that will go towards the costs…

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